Vysus Group

March 2021

Following a strategic carve-out from the Lloyd’s Register Group, LR Energy is now called Vysus Group. Vysus Group is a leading engineering and technical consultancy offering specialist asset performance, risk management and project management expertise across complex industrial assets, energy assets (oil and gas, nuclear, renewables), the energy transition, rail and road.

This change required a rebrand. We produced several films for Lloyds Register that combined live action interviews with senior staff, with animated graphics. Following the switch to Vysus, we were asked to re-brand the films to reflect the new Vysus Group branding. This meant completely reworking the existing animated sequences to extend their life under the new brand as you can see in the example here.

So far we have rebranded four films, and we have several new brand new films in the pipeline to be filmed in Europe and Australia.
LR’s Energy business was founded in the 1930s, following LR’s diversification from marine assets into the oil and gas industry. Vysus Group retains LR’s entire capability and continues to offer its full suite of technical, regulatory and operational expertise globally. Driven by its purpose to help clients manage risk and maximise performance, blending deep technical knowledge and data-driven insights with hands on expertise.

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